Arhiva | ianuarie, 2017

Reciful nereusit

27 ian.

Sa mi se ingaduie afisarea acestor bucatele din romanul batran The Reef, de Edith Wharton.

[…] he had come upon her unexpected face, with the dark hair banded above grave eyes; eyes in which he had recognized every little curve and shadow as he would have recognized, after half a life-time, the details of a room he had played in as a child. All that and more her smile had said; had said not merely “I remember,” but “I remember just what you remember”; almost, indeed, as though her memory had aided his.

Little enough, on the part of most women; but it was a sign of Mrs. Leath’s quality that every movement, every syllable, told with her. Even in the old days, as an intent grave-eyed girl, she had seldom misplaced her light strokes; and Darrow, on meeting her again, had immediately felt how much finer and surer an instrument of expression she had become.

Ramane un lucru inexplicabil cum de Reciful este considerata o carte slaba a scriitoarei.

Dar stai, ce spun eu?, de ce o contrazic?, inca nu am citit romanele cu care ea se mandreste – Casa veseliei si Varsta inocenţei.

OK, deci Edith Wharton, castigatoare a unui Premiu Pulitzer si de trei ori nominalizata la Premiul Nobel pentru literatura – pe, pagina dânsei consta intr-o singura propozitie. Romanele ei cele mai valoroase nu au pagina de wikipedia.

Si-atunci… ce noroc pe doamna Wharton sa ajung la o lucrare de-a dânsei!